About Us


Humble beginnings...

My name is Tracy Gavich, I am the Founder/Artistic Director of Dream Barn Productions. As a kid I loved dancing and performing on stage but had very little opportunity. Between growing up in a very rural area (same area Dream Barn calls home) and in a low-income family there wasn't much more than dreaming. In school I was surrounded by a lot of very talented kids and I was intimidated. The adults in my life were not very supportive of my passion, I was even told I could not go to college to become a choreographer. As that path would never amount to anything. This crushed my spirit for years. 

As an adult I got involved with community theater, not only did this bring back my passion for the performing arts it ignited my soul. I became driven to support kids in the area that also shared a dream to perform. While working with different groups and schools I kept finding things that were missing, things like teaching kids about theater and how to develop their talents. I also found there was still a lack of support for kids that loved theater. I saw kids give up on theater due to lack of training and support. 

I wanted to create a company that would fill these gaps and be affordable. A place to learn, a place no one is bullied or put down for their passion, a place where being different is celebrated. I wanted kids to have at least one place they felt they belonged and they made a difference. A place where they are supported and encouraged. 


A Family of Artists...

 Dream Barn is more than a theater company, we are a family. Through laughter, learning, and tears our bonds grow stronger. Watching kids excel in so many ways through the years, plus seeing where we have the potential to go, is something I cannot put into words. 

We encourage and support our actors to participate in the performing arts outside our walls. Most are actively involved in their school drama programs as well as other organizations in the area. One of the great things about being part of our Dream Barn family is each one of our actors always has a cheering section at their performances; our actors get together to attend performances their family members are in. Even when we are not in rehearsals for a production our members get together to go on hikes, attend concerts, go camping, bowling, etc. Seeing the bond of family this strong is incredible. 


Reaching New Horizons...

Our dedication to education is not just for our actors, our staff is dedicated to continual learning as well. Having a resident teaching artist on staff to attending conferences, and partnering with other professionals we take pride on bringing these opportunities home. 

Starting with  theater basics and small scale performances in 2012, we have grown as a family to include specialty workshops, premiering new productions never seen before, and performing top name musicals like Mamma Mia, Rock of Ages, RENT, and coming March 2020- Disney's Frozen Jr. There is no limit to what we will offer. 

Summer 2019 brought another change to our legal structure; we became a Limited Liability Corporation. This new structure adds to our dedication to constantly reach new professional heights and will be beneficial as we look to our future growth.